Multitasking-induced capacity overestimation: the “I’ll do it over lunch” problem

Okay, imagine this. You have an end-of-day deadline for a project. You’re nowhere near done. You also have a backlog of emails to process. It’s lunch time. You need to eat. What do you do? If you’re like many people, you multitask. You respond to email on your phone while walking to get food. You […]

Why we can’t stop people from buying our kids birthday presents (even though we try)

My two kids celebrated birthdays this week. They used to get dozens of birthday gifts each from friends and family. These were often interesting for a few days. Then they joined the donation pile. My wife and I said gifts weren’t necessary. We try to be conscious consumers. We want people’s company at birthday parties, […]

Simple doesn’t mean easy

I’ve tried mindfulness meditation for years. With various tools, and varied success. I even tried the Muse brain-reading biofeedback headband. Its promise: “meditation made easy.” I struggled for a long time. I was improving, but had unrealistic expectations. I expected to close my eyes and quiet my mind. When my mind wouldn’t cooperate, I got […]