Applying the 80/20 rule to climate change shows why we need government action

My wife and I booked off September 27. We’ll be taking the kids out of school and joining the Global Climate Strike. It comes during a Canadian federal election. We need to send a message to politicians about the importance of action on climate change. I intended to follow that paragraph with a list of […]

Yes, air travel is getting worse. What can we do?

I just arrived in Basel from Toronto after a 14-hour trip full of delays. First, a freak storm delayed my flight from Toronto to Munich. (“Looks like clear skies and we’re expecting a smooth flight,” the pilot said. A few minutes later, lightning.) So I missed my connection from Munich to Basel. I got rebooked […]

Turns out you can fight climate change by switching credit cards

I use a cash-back credit card. Many of my purchases earn 2%. Given low interest rates, I sometimes earn more spending money than saving. (Note: I always pay off my balance. So it never bites me in the ass.) But I had a thought. What if instead of getting cash back, I could offset my […]

Climate change, work-life balance, productivity. Why don’t more people telecommute?

Most of us want to fight climate change, improve work-life balance, and be more productive. There is one thing that can do all three: telecommuting. So why don’t more people work remote? This is a recurring thought. Especially when I’m stuck on the subway due to emergencies and maintenance issues. Or when I see traffic […]