Given the option, AI always cheats—we should take note

If you haven’t watched the OpenAI video of AIs playing hide-and-seek, stop reading this and do it now. Back? Good. Then let’s talk about how, once again, AI found a way to cheat. The video describes research by OpenAI on AI agents playing hide-and-seek. There are hiders, seekers, and an environment. The agents’ reward function […]

Detecting deepfakes only makes them better

Those of you interested in my parenting posts: this one’s a bit technical. It’s not about parenting. But it’s important nonetheless. And the topic will affect children. “Deepfakes” is a term that describes sophisticated fake artifacts generated by AI. You can read a good overview on Wikipedia. You can also see images, facial videos, and […]

Writing with the help of robots

A few months ago, OpenAI unveiled GPT-2. It’s a machine learning model built from 8 million web pages. GPT-2 ingested these pages and modelled the relationship between their words. It could then regurgitate the words in new ways. Including by writing convincing fake news. So OpenAI was careful. The full version of GPT-2 has 1.5 […]