Optimizing for mindful moments

In business, you optimize for key metrics. But there will be several. To focus effort, you can identify one metric that matters most. This is your “north star metric.” In my current role, my team optimizes for user acquisition and retention metrics. Our north star metric is quarterly active users. This is because it reflects both acquisition and retention.

Life shouldn’t be different. We have many key metrics. Income, expense, and health metrics, for example. But is there one metric that matters most? A north star metric for life?

For me right now, my answer is “mindful moments.” As Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Only this actual moment is life.” So the more moments I’m mindful, the more moments I’m alive in full.

Furthermore, my ability to be mindful is a good gauge of my functioning in all areas of life. If I’m struggling to be mindful, I may not have slept well. Or I may be over-scheduling or over-tasking myself.

When all aspects of my life are functioning well, I can achieve more mindful moments with ease. Hence my number of mindful moments is a useful north star metric. When it’s going down, I know something’s wrong.

Would mindful moments work as your north star metric? If not, what would you use in its place?

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