I flew home to Toronto from Basel yesterday. It gave me time to indulge in a guilty pleasure: watching Hollywood blockbusters. Particularly superhero movies. I managed Blade Runner 2049, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Watching Captain Marvel, I kept wondering who played Nick Fury. In recent Marvel movies, it’s Samuel L. Jackson. But Captain Marvel takes place 24 years ago. And the actor looks about that much younger. He sounded, looked, and acted like Jackson. But a much younger version.

Turns out I’m late to the party. It is a younger version of Jackson. A “de-aged” version. And a lot of people have written about this. I hadn’t seen the movie yet, so didn’t know it was a thing. It was an unprecedented amount of de-aging for a movie. Jackson is on screen most of the time, looking like someone one-third his age.

It took a lot of work. But that work will get much easier using AI. You can use the same technology to de-age people that you use to create deepfakes. So it should become quite accessible even to directors that don’t have Disney’s credit card.

But that’s only the movies, right? You can’t de-age people in the real-world? Well, it looks like you can.

The same day of this revelation (to me), I read about a new human study of age reversal medicine. It was a small study of 9 men age 51 to 65. They took growth hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and metformin for a year. This reversed a type of genetic (epigenetic) change associated with aging by 2.5 years. It also rejuvenated the thymus, which is important for immunity.

So soon you may not need movie magic to make actors look younger. Rather, if they never age, you’ll need it to do the reverse.

PS: I take metformin for its possible life extension benefits. I use several other possible life extension interventions too. If you’re interested in self-experimentation, consider this Age Reversal Protocol.

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