One post per day

I want to blog again. Not for the followers. Just to write. For the joy of self-expression.

I’ve spent decades in marketing. So my first thought: what keywords to target? But that killed my enthusiasm. I’m optimizing for enjoyment. Not search rank.

Then I remembered Seth Godin.1 His approach: one a day. In November 2017 he published blog post number 7,000. One a day. Eventually, thousands.

So my goal: one post a day. For at least a year.

Anything goes. Success is consistency. Everything else is gravy.

Let’s see how this goes.

  1. I should note that this doesn’t make me a huge Seth Godin fan. I read at least one of his books and don’t remember being blown away. But I will admit to being inspired by him in at least this one activity.

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